Wire art blue flower necklace, one of a kind! Only one piece which is impossible to reproduce! 

Blue flowers, flower necklace, art jewelry

A flower statement necklace, handmade of colored copper and solid silver wire. The overall size of the abstract flower is 4cm (1.57in). The height of the geometric shape is 4.8 cm (1.88 in) and width 6 cm (2.36 in). The art necklace hangs from leather.  

statement necklace, flower pendant, blue flowers

geometric flower, blue jewelry, one of a kind

This art necklace is versatile. The idea of this unusual necklace is that changing the way that the flower hanging, inside or outside the geometric shape, you have many different necklaces.  

flower necklace, versatile, art necklace

contemporary jewelry, unusual, art jewelry

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